Christmas Light Installation in San Diego and Orange County


Rockin' Holidays Lighting is a professional installation service and design company. We service hundreds of repeat clients, homes and businesses during the holiday's season. Whether just a holiday-lighting service or a consultation and design for patio ambiance lighting, your satisfaction is our priority - we love to see the smile or a twinkle in someone's eyes as they find their holiday cheer when the lights go on!

Customer first priority

Taking care of our customer is our first priority. If our staff cannot recommend a non-destructive method to adhere the lights or décor to your home, we will not recommend the product for installation. Whether it is protecting your home, or sweeping up broken bulbs, our staff is all about the details! When the holidays are a thing of the past, you will have peace of mind that your home has not been damaged for a temporary display!

Our Installers

Knowledgeable, experienced technicians will make sure that your holiday lighting and décor always looks its best.

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